Who We are


Taiwan Entrepreneur Society Taipei/Toronto ( T.E.S.T.T. ) was established in 1993. T.E.S.T.T. is founded by Taiwanese Entrepreneurs and professionals in the Greater Toronto Area. The Group has had a strong and lasting relationship with the local business communities and three levels of governments. To contribute further to the society, In 2003 the Board of Directors have decided to set up a foundation under the name of “ Taiwan Entrepreneur Society Taipei/Toronto Charitable Foundation” to sponsor educational and charitable organizations. We sincerely hope that this initiative will be supported by everyone to create a better world for our community.

2004 University of Toronto、Canadian Cancer Society、United Way of Greater Toronto
2005 The Hospital for Sick Kids、Hong Fook Mental Health Association、South Asia Tsunami Relief Fund
2006 Scarborough General Hospital、India- Pakistani Earthquake Relief、Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto、University of Toronto、Mon Sheong Foundation、Kidney Foundation of Canada、Heart and Stroke、 Formosa Evergreen Senior Citizens Centre
2007 Sick Kids、 Heart and Stroke、Centre for Information & Community Services(CICS)
2008 Sick Kids、 Mon Sheong Foundation、Free the Children Charitable Foundation、Hong Fook Mental Health Association、Chinese Family Services in Ontario、Sichuan Earthquake Relief University of Toronto
2009 Sunnybrook Foundation、Mon Sheong Foundation、Free the Children Charitable Foundation、University of Toronto
2010 Sunnybrook Foundation、Under the Banyan Tree、Hong Fook Mental Health
2011 Kidney Foundation、Chinese Cultural Centre G.T.、University of Toronto
2012 Yee Hong Foundation、Sick Kids Foundation
2013 Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada、University of Toronto、Other Half Chinese Stem Cell Initiative、Chinese Cultural Centre G.T、Hong Fook Mental Health
2014 Canadian Cancer Society、Spirit of Life、Hong Fook Mental Health Foundation
2015 Sick Kid Foundation、Carefirst Seniors & Community Services Association 、Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival 、Hong Fook Mental Health Foundation
2016 Taiwan Tainan Earthquake relief、Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival、Hong Fook Mental Health、 Kidney Foundation